StudioJugi is the practice of Julien Gionis (FR/GR) award winning designer & creative director.

Focused on strategic design, Julien is a branding consultant with specialized expertise in visual identity & brand development for international clients across multiple sectors.
His work relies on clarity through simplicity, merging strategy with world-class design. Over the years, Julien’s work has been recognized through prestigious international design awards and published in numerous books & magazines.

Based in Athens Greece, Julien collaborates with great people globally, including both small & large companies from century-old brands to startups & freelancers looking to take their businesses to the next level.

StudioJugi’s mission is to provide growth through systematic communication design.

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Naming, branding strategy,
re-branding, creative direction.

Brand design:
Visual identity systems,
guidelines & activation.

Digital design:
Website wireframes, UX/UI,
mobile & eCom design.

Communication design:
Corporate presentations (print + digital),
exhibition design, packaging.



— HOW International Design Award Winner, Identity Design 2018 (US)

— Ermis Gold Award 2017, Corporate identity, Logotype (GR)

— German Design Award, Winner 2018, Excellent Communication Design / CID (DE)

— Taiwan International Graphic Design Award, 2017 Taiwan International Corporate Identity Design Award (TW)

— Gold IDA 2016 International Design Awards, Corporate Identity (US)

— HiiiBrand International Awards 2015, Nomination Professional Identity (CN)

— HiiiBrand International Awards 2014, Nomination Professional Logo design (CN)

— Ermis Awards 2012 – Ermis Design, Finalist Logotype (GR)

— HiiiBrand International Awards 2011, Merit Award Professional Identity (CN)

— WOLDA Worldwide Logo Design Annual ’10, Award Winner.

— Greek Graphic Design Awards – Ebge 2011, Finalist Logo design.

— Greek Graphic Design Awards – Ebge 2011, Finalist Self Promotional Website.



— IdN v24n6: Typography & Type Design, HK 2018

— Étapes, Hors série #2, Work & Design, FR 2018

— Slanted #30 Athens, Slanted Publishers, DE 2017

— German Design Awards, Excellent Communications Design Catalogue, DE 2018

— Taiwan International Graphic Design Awards Catalogue, TW 2017

— Branding Element Logos 4, Sendpoints, CN 2017

— Design and Design Book of the year vol. 8,
International Awards – Index Book, FR 2015

— Design and Design Book of the year vol. 7,
International Awards – Index Book, FR 2014

— Crisis is a Greek word, Exhibitions catalogue
Susurrus, GR 2014

— Classic Patterns and Modern Patterns,
Sendpoints Publishing, CN 2014

— Design and Design Book of the year vol. 5,
International Awards – Index Book, FR 2012

— BranD Magazine: Futurism issue,
SendPoints, CN 2012

— Absolute Stationery Design,
Sandu Publishing, HK 2012

— Gallery – the World’s Best Graphics vol.16
Chois Gallery, CN 2012

— Stop, Think, Go, Do: How Typography and Graphic Design Influence Behavior by Steve Heller & Mirko Ilic, Rockport Publishers, UK 2012

— Slanted #16 – Bold/Light,
Magma Brand Design, DE 2011

— Page Magazine 12 – Report “Type scene in Greece”
Ebner Verlag, DE 2011

— Design and Design Book of the year vol. 4
International Awards – Index Book, FR 2011

— Smashing Logo Design,
The Art of Creating Visual Identities
Smashing Media, DE 2011

— Greek Graphic Design & Illustration Awards
Graphopress, GR 2011

— Logo Design Vol. 3 / Taschen, DE 2011

— International Visual Communication Design

— Logo Talks – ArtPower, CN 2010

— Gallery – the World’s Best Graphics vol.05
Chois Gallery, CN 2009

— NWP Magazine 24, HK 2009

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