Identity system in progress: GMS

Work in progress for GMS, a Marine Systems company based in Piraeus Greece. A flexible identity system visualizing the different activities & operating sectors of the company – from Navigation Electronics, Firefighting & Gas detection systems, to Communication & Environmental friendly systems & machinery.

More soon!

Cookedo featured on Behance Graphic Design!

Very happy to see our branding for Cookedo featured on Behance’s new Graphic Design gallery, among other amazing international cases.


View the project here


Quantifier featured on Behance!

Very happy to see our branding project for Quantifier featured on Behance’s main gallery among other amazing projects. Behance is the leading platform showcasing creative work and only features a small number of projects every day, choosing those that promote new thinking.


View the project here



Γειά χαρά, Salut, Hola, 今日は, Здравствуйте, Marhaba!, Guten tag, 大家好, Salām ‘alaykum, Goddag, สวัสดี.


I’m really happy to present you the brand new StudioJugi website. Welcome aboard!


Its been 5 years since the foundation of FX3™ and much has changed since then. While the main goal still is the same – deliver great work  – the process and state of mind have evolved to become much more clear & simplistic. Always striving to do better, StudioJugi marks the beginning of a new Era.


So long FX3™ — hello StudioJugi.


Stay tuned and make sure to check some projects


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